Greetings fellow Knights,

I am having Larry Hansen (CAVI Webmaster and Newsletter Editor) post a Safety Article for me as I am not able to at the moment.  All part of the transition into full retirement.  All is good, by the way!


Fellow Blue Knights, most all of us have had this concern when we come to a stop at a Stop Light/Sign, or behind traffic. Is the car or truck going to stop behind us?  Are they driving distracted?  This video will give you some ideas on avoidance of rear end collisions.  

Maybe you are aware of these recommendations. But, I can almost guarantee, some have not even thought about this aspect of motorcycle safety. In any case it is always good to be reminded from time to time.

Ride with Pride



Chapter Safety Officer

September, 2018

Rob Doty


Avoiding Rear End Collisions on a Motorcycle

Page 7

Your Safety Officer,