President’s Message

November, 2017

Glenn Carpenter  President   CAVI


This year is winding down but we’re beginning our planning for the new year. We‘ve had to make some changes this past year. For example, we will not be putting on the Annual Benefit Ride in 2018.  The ratio of work to profit did not add up. We’d put in hundreds of hours and money into putting it on and only make a virtual pittance. We also weren’t getting much participation in both the donations and division of labor. Soooo, we need to find some other means to raise money for a designated charity. If you have any ideas, PLEASE let a board member know.

This upcoming year is an election year for chapter officers. A number of positions will definitely be open. Both Susan and I will be retiring and looking at moving to Las Vegas. This means President and Secretary will definitely be open to new blood. We will have held our respective positions for the better part of 10 years. It is time for new people, thoughts, and directions. This upcoming year get involved and see if you might want to take on one of the chapter positions; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one of four director positions.

I was quite disappointed in that we did not really receive any nominations for either Blue Knight of the Year or Lord/Lady Knight of the Year.  I sent out emails, mentioned it at meetings, etc. We received a total of one nomination….one!  I do understand that it is frequently the same people doing all of the work and thus getting the nominations/awards. Yet, they do deserve the acknowledgement & accolades for their hard work. Hopefully next year we’ll get a few more nominations.

The invitations for the Annual Christmas party have gone out and the RSVP’s must be in by Nov 27th. I hope to see everyone there. It should be a good time.

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 Ride with Pride

  Glenn Carpenter

 President - CA VI