Blue Knights of California VI –

I hope you are all staying safe, secure and healthy in the fog of the COVID-19 pandemic.     

This is the second straight month that I will not be addressing the chapter membership in my Presidents Message on any chapter topics, events or issues. Our focus continues to be combating the Coronavirus.  I truly wish all of the membership and your families the very best during these unprecedented worldwide times.  

I am sure by now some of your friends and family members have been affected in their professional lives (and personal as well) – I know it has hit many of my family in Hawaii, Oregon and Virginia hard to lost jobs and difficulty making ends meet.  Unfortunately, it appears that this trend will continue beyond our initial estimates.    

I will continue to communicate with the membership through email and phone as needed.  The Board continues to work chapter issues remotely via email / phone.  We are a productive telework Board addressing BK International requirements and tasks per our Chapter Bylaws annual timeline.

I am always available to each member via phone (808-391-5803) or e-mail (    

While practicing social distancing continue to - Enjoy your Club and Our Chapter – You have earned it!


Enjoy your Club and Our Chapter – You have earned it!



President’s Message

April, 2020

Grant Frey

President   CAVI


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