President’s Message

September, 2017

Glenn Carpenter  President   CAVI


The Blue Knights is a family-based, fraternal organization. We recently had occasion to be reminded of that when Hurricane Harvey passed through Texas. A number of our fellow Knights & their families were severely affected. Read the message sent out by our International President, DJ Alvarez:

Greetings fellow Blue Knights,


On August 25th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas making landfall near Corpus Christi causing destruction from wind there. The Houston/Beaumont area received well over 40 inches of rain, and 4-6 foot tidal surge causing massive flooding. Many Blue Knights in Texas have been affected by this and out of pocket expenses will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Some have lost their homes. In order to help them, I have asked Texas VII and they've readily agreed to accepting donations to help our members in a time of need. Any amount is greatly appreciated!


Ride with Pride and thank you for your support!

D.J. Alvarez - International President


"Blue Knights Intl. Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund"

Make checks payable to:

Blue Knights Texas VII Chapter

P. O. Box 2846

Houston, Texas 77252

(In the memo section write Harvey Relief Fund)


Contact info:    Jeff Tippit  (Texas VII-President)

       (281) 830-4958


We unfortunately do not get to see much of our own chapters families except at the Annual Picnic. As our next monthly meeting will be that picnic, I look forward to seeing many smiling faces. Let’s come together and enjoy the blessings we have with our extended family. It’s on October 7th at the Mission Bay Yacht Club (1215 El Carmel Place, San Diego). The meeting starts at 1000 AM and the picnic begins at 1100 AM.

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 Ride with Pride

  Glenn Carpenter

 President - CA VI