General Meeting Minutes

By Susan Carpenter  Secretary

November  2017   General Membership Meeting pdf

November, 2017

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Nov 4 2017 Meeting.pdf Secretary

Other Happenings with the  Blue Knights® CA-VI

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On Sept. 22-24, 2017 the Blue Knights CA VI had a great three-day ride to Laughlin NV and back.  The ride group consisted of one cage, 12 members and 8 bikes making this a well represented long-weekend ride.  We experienced a peculiar situation--with 12 members present, we had--two Chucks, two Teresa's and two BIG Al's.  A big round of applause for our route planner and ride leader--Tom Slaughter.  He single handily planned the ride routes to and from Laughlin, NV so that we only covered approximately 30 of the same miles.  He also planned and lead Saturday's ride to a little mining camp named Oatman, AZ where the donkeys literally rule the town.

Saturday morning the group meet for breakfast at Black Bear Diner, Bullhead City.  After pictures with the diners "Black Bears" we headed to Oatman which is located on historic Route 66.  A little side note:  Clark Gable and Carole Lombard made their 1939 honeymoon stop at Oatmans' historic hotel.  The towns people put on a mock bank robbery which was a fun tourist event.  And this blue knight has never ever experienced a historic town over-run with domesticated donkeys... including baby donkeys.  Fun, very fun.  

From Oatman, Saturday's ride took us over the local mountains into Golden Valley and a planned stop at Route 66 historic gas station, Cool Springs, which coincidently reopened just a week earlier.   Its non-operational old school gas pumps and historic Route 66 memorabilia made for a fun and beautiful stop...ask for pictures.

The return trip was also fun in that we utilized small back roads, one of which, took us through Mecca Hills Wilderness on Box Canyon Road...a new experience for this rider.

The weather cooperated nicely--very near perfect--and all had a great time.  I highly recommend joining our riding club for it's next adventure. Please speak to any staff member should you have a future destination suggestions. I'm game.